NANP 2023 Summit 

Producing Healthy Diets for Sustainable Animal Systems

Purpose: To facilitate intense discussion by experts on the evaluation of the use of animals to sustainably provide for healthy human diets

Target Audience: Animal commodity groups, Agriculture Committee staffers, USDA leadership, members of CFAR, AFIA, Agricultural Experiment Station leaders, NAS, FFAR, Governors Council

Date and Time: Wednesday, April 12, 2023, 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM EST

Location: National Academy of Sciences Building in Washington DC

Draft Program

Topic Speaker Institution


Don Beitz

Iowa State University

The era of opportunity for livestock sustainability

Sara Place

Colorado State University

Animal source foods in healthy, sustainable, and ethical diets; Animal source foods and improved growth and development in children

Ty Beal

Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

Meeting the grand challenges of animal agriculture on environment and world food security

Frank Mitloehner

University of California, Davis

Use of alternate proteins to replace animal-derived foods

David Kaplan

Tufts University

Student Poster Competition Session (invitation only)





Impact of food animals on environment (climate change)

Environmental Panel with Robin White as moderator

Robin White

Virginia Tech

Role of nutrition on lessening of carbon footprint of food animals (panel discussion)



I. Beef cattle

C. Alan Rotz


II. Dairy Cattle

Ermias Kebreab

University of California, Davis

III. Poultry and Swine

Peter Ferket

North Carolina State University

IV. Aquaculture

Dominique Bureau

University of Guelph

Use of life cycles assessment in food and agriculture (supply chains)

Marty Matlock

University of Arkansas

Do animals have a role in future food systems?

Melissa D. Ho

World Wildlife Fund-U.S.


Phil Miller & Merlin Lindemann


NANP 2019 Summit

This section contains material (presentations and lectures) of the NANP 2019 Summit carried out on Wednesday, April 10 at the National Academy of Science in Washington DC. The theme of this year's Summit was 'Producing Food with Animals: Sustainability, Efficiency and Security in the US.

NANP Summit 2015

The NANP Summit 2015 focused on outlining animal nutrition research priorities for a healthy society