National Research Council (NRC)

The National Animal Nutrition Program (NANP) works closely with the NRC to provide research support for their activities. Resources are devoted to establishing direct linkages with three NANP committees (CoordinatingFeed CompositionModeling) to the National Research Council (NRC). The NANP also identifies networking opportunities within the animal nutrition community, define animal nutrition priorities, and identify gaps in knowledge of animal nutrition.

The NANP has pursued objectives that are not directly supportive of Nutrient Requirement publications.  All NANP committees collaborate with NRC representatives with the goal of improving the timeless, utility, and continuity of information provided to the animal agriculture industries, the academic community, and others that are dependent on the establishment of nutrient requirement standards. The primary point of contact between the NANP and NRC is Ms. Robin Schoen, who is the Director of the Board on Agriculture and National Resources within the NRC.